Want me to link your site up?
Simply just write down your site name and URL address and also the banner image! I’ll put it in here… Don’t forget to link me back too, thank you ^_^



size : 150×50 px


.:: BLOGROLL ::.




5 Responses to Links

  1. dreamtiny says:

    I’ve added you :)
    I really like your banner! Is it supposed to be SNSD?

    • Alice says:

      Thank you ^^
      Yes, indeed. It is SNSD.
      Anyway, that isn’t my drawing, I just added the text effects, hehe…

      I’ve added you as well, but since you don’t have banner link, i created a banner link for you. The image is taken from your web banner, Hope you’ll like it ^^

    • dreamtiny says:

      Oh wow I got it right! I was thinking it sorta looked like SNSD from their Into the New World MV, but the only one that looked remotely like any of the members is the one second from the left… who I think is supposed to be Seohyun?
      would you happen to have the original anywhere or know where it’s from?

      Oh that’s so nice of you ^^ I do like it.


    Link to banner:

    Thank you in advance!

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